Morton Golf Management History

Morton Golf began in 1958 when Ken Morton Sr. joined the team of golf professional’s at Haggin Oaks Golf Complex as a club repairman and starter. He quickly rose to become the First Assistant and golf instructor in the middle 1960’s and evolved to become a Partner/Co-Head professional at Haggin Oaks with Tom Lo Presti for the next 20 years. It was in 1978 that a unique opportunity developed for Ken.

The PGA of America asked him to join their faculty to present head pro training seminars throughout the United States. He has given hundreds of seminars and continues delivering seminars for the PGA of America to this day. That opportunity has provided him the ability to work with some of the most talented golf operators in the business and many of the ideas he has learned from other people in the industry have become part of his operations. He learned many years ago that there are many extremely talented golf operators that individually are specialists in satisfying their clienteles. Each time he learned a better way of operating, he would bring it home and incorporate it into his systems and processes. He has also for the previous 20 years been part of the design team faculty for the PGA of America in creating its education programs from Apprenticeship to Master Professional levels. Those experiences have given him the ability to design training programs for staff.

Over the years, Ken and Haggin Oaks have produced well over 100 golf professionals who have or are operating golf facilities and working for vendors in the golf industry. During the 1980’s and 1990’s, he also was a partner in a golf course management company (Golf Resources) that owned two facilities and managed several other golf facilities. That experience taught him how to implement systems, processes and manage operations from a distance. Golf Resources was later sold to a larger management company. During the 1990’s he was also hired by the PGA of America to conduct facility evaluations for military golf courses throughout the world. That experience provided him the ability to make recommendations to grow revenues and control expenses in military golf courses in both heavily populated regions as well as in extremely remote places.

In 1991, Mr. Lo Presti retired and Ken began building a team preparing for future growth. In 2001, he added his long term manager Terry Daubert, his sons Ken Morton Jr. and Tom Morton and his Head Professional Mike Woods as equal partners in his company. Today, Morton Golf manages 90 holes of golf for the City of Sacramento at 4 different locations producing over 20 million dollars in revenues. Each of the City of Sacramento Golf Facilities are uniquely different and are located in a metropolitan region where golf facilities have grown from under 40 golf facilities to over 80 golf facilities (within one hour of downtown Sacramento) in a little more than a 10 year time frame. During that fast growing era of golf facilities, Haggin Oaks and the other Sacramento facilities managed by Morton Golf have successfully grown revenues with creative, out of the box trend setting concepts to create new golfers and additional revenues as well as continued building of long term loyalty programs to keep the core golfers coming back.

After close to 60 years of continuously building on itself, Morton Golf now believes it has created an extremely unique business culture that is positioned to compete in what has become an overbuilt and extremely competitive era. Morton Golf is now ready and financially positioned to manage and operate other facilities.