Adult Golf Programs

Morton Golf Management, perhaps more than any other golf management company in the country, leads the way with expansive player development programs designed to increase the number of golfers at the facilities it manages. From busy adult golf introduction programs to those programs that bring golf to disabled, disadvantaged and the youth, Morton Golf’s lesson offerings are looked to as the model nationally by the PGA of America.

PGA of America Golf 2.0 – Morton Golf has garnered national attention from the PGA of America for our “Step by Step” group golf instruction programs. The step by step approach to these classes gives a golfer the tools to better understand how to go from point A to point Z, usually a beginner to brand new golfer striving to become a proficient player that feels comfortable playing in a golf outing or with friends. Planning our program curriculum around this step by step process has caused golfers to sign up for multiple programs at once since they can easily discover where they currently are with their golf game and where they would like to go. Stepping the curriculum from just a very basic “orientation” to the game, where most of the class is merely making them feel comfortable at a golf facility, learning what a tee time is and how to use the practice facilities, to programs that actually take the students on the course so they feel comfortable doing so by themselves. Making the step by step approach fun, easy and less intimidating for the participants is the key to moving the new golfers through the system and onto the golf course.

Welcome to Golf Program

A program designed specifically to introduce brand new golfers to the culture, skills and fun of golf. Golf can be an intimidating sport, thus the goal of this program is to introduce new golfers to the facility, etiquette, rules and other aspects of the game in a safe, group environment.

Get Golf Ready Program

A program designed specifically around having fun while learning all of the skills necessary to take the participants game to the golf course. This is a national PGA growth of the game initiative program.

Get Golf Ready II Program

A program designed specifically around playing the game of golf and becoming more comfortable actually on the golf course so as to increase rounds of golf from our participants.

Practice Makes Perfect

A program designed specifically around supervised practice on a weekly basis. The participants can have fun, meet fellow golfers of like abilities and receive coaching while they practice.

“It’s OK to Play” Beginner Golf League

This is a fun, weekly beginner playing league that promotes learning on the golf course in a stress free environment. We have a coach rotating through the groups each week to help with pace of play and all the ins and outs of playing the game on the actual course. This course is specifically designed to bring our lesson participants and “practicers” onto the golf course to create players and rounds of golf.1 – Ten week program, meeting one day a week during the summer

Play Golf America Day

This one day event is all about introducing new golfers or re-energizing existing golfers to the game of golf. At this event the participants can receive free golf lessons, golf clubs, range balls and a round of golf. This is a national PGA growth of the game initiative and our specific program has been recognized in 2010 as one of the top 100 in the United States.

Adult Private Golf Lessons

These lessons are designed to be a one on one format with the student and teacher so to create a deeper relationship to reach the player’s ultimate golf goals.