Food & Beverage

It is common for food & beverage operations to lose money at most golf courses. This scenario is not a belief that Morton Golf shares.  The business of food & beverages is based on several factors that must all come together to create a bottom line.  At the forefront of any F & B operation is the quality and cost of labor followed by the quality, cost, pricing and serving of the menu. Not to be forgotten is the ambiance of the eating or dining environment that must include appropriate levels of customer service.  Morton Golf has successfully turned around each of the Food & Beverage operations at each of their facilities because they have a clear understanding of food, beverage and alcohol costs of goods and knowing what it takes to provide the appropriate customer services to maximize service but minimize costs  Morton Golf strongly believes that at the heart of every facility is a quality food & beverage experience and to achieve long term F & B success at any golf course café, grille, restaurant or dining facility every employee must fully understand the value of creating loyal customer relationships.  Morton Golf has the following objectives in mind as they plan the takeover of the Food and Beverage Operation at a facility:

  • Exceed the expectations of the food and beverage needs of the golfing public who play the golf course.
  • Provide a consistent service of an on-course beverage cart operation that meets the needs of the golfer.
  • Quick food service for those golfers wishing to purchase food prior to the start of their golfing round and for those golfers who desire to purchase food at the mid-point of their round. (Finishing Hole #9 and before staring Hole #10)
  • Sufficient mix of food offerings to cover the meal spectrum of breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack foods.
  • Provided a high level of customer service for golfers that is quick and friendly.
  • Enhance the image of the facility within the golfing public as a public golf course that has a great club house facility and excellent customer service.


Our goal is to help make the planning process simple and enjoyable with no hidden costs or those surprising add-ons so that you can just focus on what really matters: You, your family & friends and your commitment to each other. We take pride in your experience and emphasize personal service and flexibility to ensure your special day is one of the most memorable events in your lives together.