Retail & Merchandising

No one does retail like Morton Golf does retail. Morton Golf’s Haggin Oaks Golf Super Shop is the only on-course golf shop in the United States to be named as one of the 100 Best Golf Shops in the United States every year of the award’s existence. In 2009, it won Best-of-the-Best as the top golf shop in the United States and in 2013, it was ranked again in the top ten. What does this mean to your courses? It means they would not only have access to a 2 million dollar inventory at their fingertips, but to the buying and merchandising team that generates over 10 million dollars in retail revenues at one single location. That means access to vendors, minimum buys, special edition equipment, private label merchandise, expertise, fitting tools, fitting expertise and point of purchase materials that smaller golf shops rarely have access to. Also integrated would be Morton Golf’s proprietary digital golf ball fitting tool as well as websites with hyperlinks to their online storefront at where the pro shop would earn a to-be-determined percentage credit back on the sale.

In 2001, when Morton Golf took over the Bing Maloney GC from American Golf, retail revenues had dipped to less than $35,000 annually. Through steady increases, Morton Golf now has that store to just short of $400,000 in annual retail revenues.

Morton Golf is renowned for its retail prowess.  The operation at the Haggin Oaks Golf Super Shop is one of the highest volume and most profitable on course golf shops in America.  That success provides Morton Golf the understanding of what it takes to provide the appropriate products and how to build a strong clientele with appropriate staffing.  There is also a clear understanding of trends, the appropriate bench mark standards for costs of goods and gross profit margins and what it takes to properly train and provide the appropriate incentives for sales staffs.  The true value of Morton Golf’s retail background is the Point of Sale system and how it collects sales and customer data.  That data works to better replenish inventory and to also build a modern Customer Relationship Management System (today known as CRM).  The modern day CRM Systems help any operation better understand the purchasing habits of its clientele which then ultimately leads to a much higher level of customer service.  Morton Golf strongly believes that every course must have a quality retail presence if it wants to enjoy a loyal and long term clientele.

Club Repair

Club repair is a small but important part of any golf shop operation.  Why?  Because golfers must have a set of clubs to play golf with and any good quality golf shop will provide club repair services to their customer base.  A quality club repair service should include re-gripping, re-shafting, alterations of lie and loft as well as lengthening and shortening for proper fitting.  A knowledgeable club repair staff can enhance a golf shops retail business.


Morton Golf Professionals and Clubfitters will have the absolute latest and finest technology available. Morton Golf has acquired the same technology that major golf manufacturers use to fit the world’s greatest players in their test centers around the world, including a two TrackMan Launch Monitors, a S.A.M. PuttLab Computer Fitting System, multiple Mitchell Loft & Lie machines and an A-Star Video Monitoring System with multiple cameras. The major manufacturers have also provided hundreds of test clubs to Morton Golf which will fit nearly every conceivable kind of golfer.

Even with all the latest technology, ball flight is still at the heart and soul of golf equipment fitting. We encourage outdoor clubfitting where the clinet can see and feel how the ball reacts just as if they were on the golf course. The reason leading manufacturers have designed and built their own test centers is because they know from years of experience that ball flight and feel are the confidence builders to making good golfers better golfers.