Junior Golf Programs

With the largest player development and lesson program west of the Mississippi, Morton Golf takes bringing golfers to the sport very seriously. We oversee all of the junior golf operations for three of our facilities (Haggin Oaks, Bing Maloney & William Land Park), which include the creation and development of all program curriculums, scheduling, golf coaches, volunteers, and advertising in addition to hands-on instruction in many of the programs. These programs include, but are not limited to:

  • The First Tee Junior Golf Camps
  • The First Tee Year Round After School Program
  • The First Tee Saturday Year Round Program
  • Little Linker and Junior Linker Summer Playing Program
  • Tots on the Tee Program: A program for children ages 3 to 4, focusing on having fun, basic golf movements and learning to love the game of golf
  • Pee Wee Play League: A program for children ages 5 to 6, focusing on playing our short academy three-hole course, having fun and allowing them to become comfortable with playing on the course. The hope is that this becomes a feeder program to our Little Linker Playing Program
  • Girls Play League: A program specifically for girls that focuses on growing this segment of the game through meeting participants of like gender and interests. The girls play golf each week in a fun, low-stress environment
  • Parent / Daughter Golf Class: A program designed around family, having fun and growing the game
  • Free Girls Golf Clinics: A series of three free clinics for girls focused on growing this segment of the game and peaking interest in the participants to funnel them to our mainstream programs
  • Athletic Movement Class for Junior Golfers: A program geared for the junior golfer wanting to improve their athletic ability and fitness level by attending weekly circuit training classes
  • Boys and Girls Club of Sacramento Golf Program
  • PGA Junior Play League: PGA Junior League team out of Haggin Oaks and Bing Maloney
  • LPGA/USGA Girls Golf Program
  • Latino Junior Golf Program
  • California Eagles Special Olympics Program
  • American Heart Association / Saving Strokes Program: A program that uses golf as rehabilitation tool for those that have suffered a stroke or have a disability of some kind
  • Martin Achievement At-Risk Youth Program
  • Center for Fathers and Families / Inner City Underserved Youth Program
  • Play Golf America Day (Annual one day event, give free lessons and free clubs to 150+ juniors)
  • Annually host the Special Olympics qualifier for the State of California Special Olympics Games

In 2011, the PGA of America and the golf industry as a whole, created a goal of growing not only junior golf, but also specifically girls and women’s golf. With this initiative in place, our team has been involved in many national programs, as well as the creation of programs to promote these segments into the game. In 2011, 2012 and 2013 our facilities were involved in Take Your Daughter to the Course Week, Family Golf Month and the USGA/LPGA Girls Golf Program, but in particular other programs that were created had the most impact. During the past two years, programs such as the Parent and Daughter Saturday Class, Free Girls Golf Clinics three times a year and the girls’ golf play league have been successful in fulfilling this national initiative.

We have also been involved in the decision to create our “Kids Play Free” initiative at all of our facilities. This program allows children under the age of 18 to play free golf anytime with an accompanying paid adult. This program has been a huge success, generating 3,900 free rounds for children.

To further the goal of promoting juniors to play the game of golf, our team has agreed to have all of our facilities be NCGA “Youth on Course” facilities. With this program in place, junior golfers play almost 1,500 rounds at our courses while receiving substantial discounts ($5 for 18 holes and $3 for 9 holes).

Since 1998, we have also co-hosted a yearly community welcoming free pancake breakfast and Easter egg hunt event, which annually brings between 750 and 1,000 kids and parents to our Haggin Oaks facility. Families not only enjoy the egg hunt itself, but many end up experiencing a golf course for the first time. We distribute hundreds of junior golf clubs to children each year and prepare over 3,000 free pancakes in an effort to grow the game and funnel them into more mainstream golf programs offered around the community.

In addition to the above programming, we oversee our company’s 20+ golf professionals that teach these group programs in addition to the private golf lessons which are given to at least 200+ of the area youth. Morton Golf supports multiple local and regional junior golf tournaments by providing our courses at highly reduced rates. Our courses serve hundreds of juniors through these tournaments every year.