Management Philosophy

Morton Golf believes strongly in managing staff members by behaviors and by the numbers that are derived from budgets, daily and monthly operating reports and annual profit and loss statements.
The job of Morton Golf is to make sure every staff member understands why they are hired, what their job is and that they are challenged to exceed their comfort zones, cheered on as they make progress and fully understand that sales and profits are necessary to grow and prosper.

Core Purpose Statement

To compete in today’s over supply of golf facilities a management company must be more that golf. It must be delivered as a lifestyle that people want to be part of on a regular basis.

The Morton Golf’s Purpose Statement is:

“To enrich lives one customer at a time and to make our facilities feel like a home away from home.”

Today, every golfer must receive a friendly and comfortable experience that then will re-earn their future business.

Vision Statement

To be able to compete in today’s over built and competitive golf market, Morton Golf strongly believes in its Vision Statement:

“To continuously lead by example through trend setting innovations.”

Innovation must be in the operations, hiring, customer service levels, operating processes, staff training, player development programs, technology, marketing, pricing that all added together create the added values that cause golfers to want to return.

Core Values

There must be a behavioral culture established for every single employee that works for Morton Golf whether they are managers or staff members. The cornerstones of the Morton Golf Culture are:

  • Honesty
  • Trust
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Caring and Positive Attitude
  • Commitment to Excellence and Personal Growth
  • Make Work Fun

These values are at the heart and soul of all Morton Golf management and employee decisions.